19. Lesher Family Graveyard

aka Antrim Mennonite Graveyard

During the 1790s, the Mennonites of Antrim Township built a log meetinghouse on the property of Henry Snively (1739-1802). The meetinghouse is mentioned in his will in 1801.

A cemetery for the Mennonites was associated with this meetinghouse, and may or may not have been distinct from the two Snively Graveyards also found in this locality. The plot contained 13.5 perches of well fenced land, set aside as a place for burials forever.

Daniel R. Lehman states that Jacob Lesher and his wife are buried in this graveyard. Neither the site nor the existence of the graveyard have been further documented.

These Mennonites built a larger meetinghouse at Brown's Mill in 1830, and apparently the cemetery was abandoned thereafter.



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The exact location of the Lesher Graveyard is unknown, but the map below shows the general vicinity, with the known cemeteries marked clearly. Henry Snively lived on the farm where Snively Graveyard #2 is located.

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