(Old) Mormon Graveyard (former site),
Antrim Township, Franklin County, PA
24.(Old) Mormon Graveyard

(former site)

According to Lillian Colletta, a Mormon Cemetery had existed across Route 16 and to the northwest of Cedar Hill Cemetery. As late as July 1980, the remains of two adults and one child were exhumed and reinterred.

There is no longer any trace of this graveyard.

A Mormon colony had existed during the 1840s on the McLanathan farm, west of Greencastle, north-west of what was to become Cedar Hill Cemetery. The colony was led by Sidney Rigdon, an associate of Joseph Smith. Rigdon had formerly been the pastor of First Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He had visited Smith in Harmony, Pa., and eventually became one of the chief leaders of Smith's movement.

After Joseph Smith had been killed, Brigham Young succeeded to the leadership of the church. Rigdon did not join with Young in his migration to Utah, but rather took his followers to scout for a home towards the east. Rigdon and his followers had disassociated from the main body of the Mormon Church. During the spring of 1846, they purchased the 400 acre McLanathan farm and established a colony of approximately 150 people.

In 1849, the colony established the first printing press in Greencastle, and produced a weekly paper, the Conococheague Herald. The current Echo-Pilot traces its origins to this earliest paper.

The McLanathans repossessed the farm in 1847, and the colony eventually died out. It is believed that some members joined the Mormons in Utah, while others remained in Greencastle and gradually lost their distinct religous identity.


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