Riverview Cemetery
Lancaster (city), Lancaster Co., PA

14. Riverview Cemetery

Located on the southwest Side of South Duke Street.


This cemetery was established in 1908 as an independent association.

Transcriptions/Burial Records:

  • no transcriptions recorded
  • 1996- Record of burials, Lancaster County Historical Society.

You may purchase a detailed, 67 page street map booklet of Lancaster County, including Manor Township, through Alexanderia Drafting Company.

Note: The textual information provided for each cemetery concerning location, history and record location is provided courtesy of the Lancaster County Historical Society and is taken from their c.1993 publication "Churches and Cemeteries of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania" by A. Hunter Rineer. To purchase this book or for additional information and records concerning cemeteries please contact the historical society at their website http://lanclio.org or email them at lchs@ptd.net.
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