Trinity Lutheran Church Graveyard,
Lancaster (city), Lancaster Co., PA

20. Trinity Lutheran Church Graveyard

Adjoined the church at 51 South Duke Street to the south and east.


This graveyard was started in the 1730s, and had become filled by the 1840s. Trinity Lutheran Church started Woodward Hill Cemetery between 1849 and 1852, and closed the church graveyard to further burials in 1857. The front part of the graveyard was removed in 1876 to make way for a chapel built on South Duke Street. These stones and remains were moved to Woodward Hill Cemetery. In 1949 the remainder of the graveyard was removed to construct a parish house. Some gravestones were deposited at the Pennsylvania Farm Museum. A memorial wall, including some older gravestones, marks the site of the cemetery.

  • Earliest recorded burial- 1730.
  • Latest recorded burial - 1827.

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Note: The textual information provided for each cemetery concerning location, history and record location is provided courtesy of the Lancaster County Historical Society and is taken from their c.1993 publication "Churches and Cemeteries of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania" by A. Hunter Rineer. To purchase this book or for additional information and records concerning cemeteries please contact the historical society at their website or email them at
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