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Monument of the immigrant ancestor, David Martin (1691*-1784), buried in the Old Weaverland Graveyard, East Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.


* This birth year has not been proven; and has recently been contested.

These families include:
(organized in part by Jason S. Martin in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, July 1987, p. 13- 24)
Christian Martin (c.1694-1758), who lived in Manor Township, and was recorded by George Hantsch as a Mennonite preacher. He immigrated ca. 1722, before passenger ship lists were collected. He is taxed under the "Conestoga rate" as early as 1724. He originally settled in Earl Township along the Mill Creek south of New Holland, and moved to Manor Township by 1743.
David Martin (d. 1784), who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Molly, September 30, 1727. He settled in the Weaverland Valley on 370 acres of land next to the Weber brothers, and had a large family.
Jacob Martin (d. bef.1768), who was probably a brother of the David Martin above. He also arrived on Molly, September 30, 1727. He settled in the Weaverland Valley northeast of David Martin on a tract of 120 acres. His descendants are unknown.
Hans Heinrich Martin (1701-1784), who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Britannia, September 21, 1731, at the age of 30. Veronica Martin, age 23, was also on the same ship and is probably a sister. Hans Heinrich Martin is listed as David Martin's brother in the journal of Moravian missionary George Hantsch. He settled east of David Martin, along the present Rt. 625; east of Terre Hill and south of Union Grove.
Christian Martin (c.1669-after 1748), who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Plaisance, September 21, 1732, age 63 years. He is considered the patriarch of the Mennonite Martin families. He immigrated with his wife, Ells Marty, age 60, and two children. The ship also includes Fravin Martin, age 16, Fronik Martin, age less than 16, and Martin Marta, age less than 16.
Martin Marta (after 1716-May 1774), who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Plaisance with Christian Martin as a boy less than sixteen years old. Later a Martin Martin lived in the same neighborhood as Samuel Bowman and Martin Yoke. Although he came on the same ship as Christian in 1732, he was not Christian's son. He was probably a grandson, and brother to Fravin and Fronik Martin.
Fravin Martin (c.1716-) and Fronik Martin (after 1716-), who immigrated with Christian and Ells Martin on Plaisance, September 21, 1732. They are listed together on the ship list and may be the two "children" listed as emigrating with Christian and Ells Martin.
Hans Gorg Martin, who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship John and William, October 17, 1732.
Martin Jock/Yoke, who arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Friendship, September 3, 1739. "In a land patent, dated September 21, 1747, Jacob Martin, otherwise known as Martin Yoke, sold land to Samuel Bowman. Samuel's wife was Fronik, and according to modern Bowman descendents, she was Martin Yoke's sister and a sister to David. This would suggest that the Jacob who came to America with David may indeed have been his cousin."
A layout of the Weaverland Valley about 1740.
For more Information on Weaverland, visit a link to the historical booklet, Weaverland, published by M. G. Weaver in November 1933.

(Old) Weaverland Graveyard, looking to the north. David Martin's monument is located just right of the center of the picture.

Weaverland (Old Order) Mennonite Church. This building is used alternately by the Weaverland Conference and Groffdale Conference Churches.

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