List of Palzers Going to Pennsylvania

May 10, 1732

Source: Microfilm of the Mennonite Archives at Amsterdam, on file at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, p.1:457.

[Note: This list is of families from the area of Bockshaft, Germany that emigrated from Germany during the summer of 1732.]

Michiel Frantz, wife, 11 children

Hans Wittman, wife, 2 children

Oswald Hosstetter, wife, 4 children

Christian Geman, wife, 1 child, 1 other

Michiel Dierstein, from Bockshaft

Christian Marty, wife, 2 children

Hans Scherer's widow, 3 children, 2 married daughters

Samuel Brand and wife

Samuel Mayer, wife, 2 children

Martin Mayer, wife, 4 children

Hans Huber's widow, 3 children, 1 married daughter

Jacob Scherer, wife, 2 children, from Humelfreyser Hoff

Hans Beer, two daughters, from Dörren

Jacob Oberholtser

Christiaen Huber

Hans Musseleman from Mockesheun

Hans Musselman, wife, 1 child

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