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Fellow passengers of Hans Heinrich Martin on the Britannia included 104 men who were 16 and older; and 37 men under the age of 16; some 81 women who were 16 and older and another 45 under the age of 16, for a total of 269 passengers.

Passengers included:

Michel Blattner (23) of Waldangelloch

Waldangeloch is located to the immediate southwest of Sinsheim but separated by a line of forested low hills. He arrived with his wife, a child and his sister and another relative---Maria Katherina Rennert (27), Georg Michel Blattner (2) and Katherina Bladner (36) and Anna Maria Bladner (20). Michel and Anna Maria's parents were Hans Jerg Blatner and Apollonia, Michel having been baptized Feb. 2, 1708 at Pappenheim and Anna Maria baptized July 24, 1711. He married Maria Katherina on Nov. 3, 1726. She was a daughter of Hans Jerg Rennert and Susanna Heinsin. They settled in Tulpehocken, Berks Co.


Leonhard Holtzapfel (47), Erazmus Holtzapfel (20) and Anna Barbara Holtzapfel (57).

These three were all from Michelfeld, located to the west of Sinsheim. Leonhard, also known as Johann Leonhard, was born Feb. 21, 1683 in Michelfeld. He and his wife, Maria Barbara, sponsored the baptism of a child in Michelfeld in 1717 and a daughter was married there in 1730. Erasmus is born Sept. 21, 1710 in Eschelbach. They settled in Lancaster Boro, Lancaster Co. Erasmus eventually moved across the Susquehanna to York Co.


Peter, Michael and Joseph Horst and their mother, Barbara Horst (Horsch) (1681-after 1771).

Their father apparently died on route. Barbara and her son Michael (1713-1772) settled in Lebanon Twp., Lancaster County (now South Lebanon Twp., Lebanon Co.). Michael received a patent for land in 1735 and the area became known as Horst's Mills. He married a Barbara __________.

Joseph Horst (1723-1804) married Mary Groff, a daughter of Samuel Groff and Christina. Joseph settled at Groffdale, in West Earl Twp. in Lancaster Co., to the west of the Webers and Martins at Weaverland. Joseph apparently became quite wealthy and owned farms in Rapho and Caernarvon Twps. and Lebanon Co. One of his daughters, Barbara, married a grandson of David Martin the Immigrant of 1727, namely David Martin (1756-1838), son of David Herr Martin.

Peter Horst (sometimes spelled Hursh) (1729-after 1795) married an Anna _________ and settled in Lampeter Twp., Lancaster Co., until around 1789, when he moved across the Susquehanna River into York Co.


Anna Barbara Katerman (23)

She was also from Michelfeld. Anna Barbara was the daughter of Erasmus Katerman and his wife Anna Gertrude and was born in 1706. The Katerman family knew the Holtzapfel family, because Leonhard Holtzapfel's wife, Maria Barbara, was the sponsor at the baptism of one of the Katerman's other children. She settled at Muddy Creek in Lancaster County. In 1732, she sponsored the child of Johannes Schaeffer and Maria Catherina Mittenbuehl of Muddy Creek, also Michelfeld emigrants. In 1733, she sponsored a child of Johann Adam Ruppert and his wife Anna Barbara Holtzapfel. Other Katermans emigrated from Michelfeld in 1738, 1752 and 1754. Did this family know the Hornbergers and Rudisilles, who shortly would also migrate from Michelfeld to Lancaster County?


Georg Dietrich Kehl (46) of Waldangelloch.

He arrived wife his wife Maria Ursela Kehl (40) and children Katharina Margerita Kehl (16), Peter Christoph Kehl (11) and Hans Georg Kehl (7). They settled in Tulpehocken, Berks Co.


Gottfried Kraft (63) of Waldangelloch.

He arrived with his wife, Maria Eva (Epha) Krafft (43). She was his second wife, he having married Johann Foeslerin (Fessler) on April 27, 1686, with whom he had six children. He then married Maria Eva Klein, a servant of the local castle, May 5, 1726.


Georg Wendel Lautermilch (27) of Kirchardt.

Kirchardt was located just to the east of Bockschaft, within easy walking distance. He arrived with Magdalena Lautermilch. He had been a shepherd at Kirchardt. He was born Oct. 12, 1705 to Hans Melchior Lautermilch and Anna Margretha. He was married Nov. 16, 1728 at the Reihen Reformed Church, which was immediately to the northwest of Bockschaft. On Sept. 14, 1738, he took out a warrant for 200 acres of land in Heidelberg Twp., (now Lebanon Co.). Jan. 27, 1755, he bought another 48 acres of land. His brothers emigrated in 1732 (on the Mary) and 1736 (on the Princess Augusta) respectively from Kirchardt.


Jacob Meyer (26) and Stoffel Meyer (23) of Kirchardt.

John Jacob Meyer was baptized in the Kirchardt Reformed Church on Feb. 19, 1705. His sponsors were Jacob Hatz and Veronica Klein, wife of Georg Klein. Stoffel was baptized on March 19, 1708. His sponsors were Stoffel Geiger and Catharina Voll, wife of Heinrich Voll. They settled in Lancaster Co. at Muddy Creek and Warwick Twp. The Meyers had to have known the Lautermilch family.


Johannes Bartholomew Rieger

He was a "high German" preacher from Oberingelheim in the Pfalz. He studied at Basel and Heidelberg and emigrated to Pennsylvania. He took charge of several German Reformed congregations in the colony. He died March 14, 1769, aged 62 years, two months and 4 days and was buried at the German Reformed Church in Lancaster.


Johann Adam Ruppert (25) of Michelfeld

He arrived with his wife Anna Barbara Ruppert (24). He was a tailor and the son of Adam Ruppert, the local smith at Bad Rappenau. On April 25, 1730, he married Anna Barbara Holtzapfel, the daughter of Leonhard Holtzapfel. The Michelfeld Lutheran Church records noted that the family was going to Pennsylvania in 1731. The settled at Muddy Creek, Lancaster Co., before moving on to York Co.


Matheis Smeisser

He was born in Rugenbach on Feb. 17, 1715. He settled in York County. He died in 1778.

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